Embracing Google and understanding how it works helps small business owners to improve their online presence in search results.

These are the links Google loads on screen when someone looks for information about you or your business. People’s perception of what they see (your online reputation) determines whether they choose to do business with you, or not. For this reason, online reputation management is essential for businesses.

Search, and what it means for SMEs

Links and comments must be positive to win customers, sales and profits. If they’re negative, the opposite happens. That’s why the thorn in any SME’s side is negative search links. It can be difficult to know what to do about them or where to start.

Igniyte’s Managing Partner Simon Wadsworth, spoke to smallbusiness.co.uk about how understand Google, help control what people see and boost your online reputation.

He also discusses what you can and can’t get removed from search.You can read the full article here and you might also be interested to read ‘Is your business or brand trusted online?’ here

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