Finance magazine, Pay, interviewed Igniyte’s Managing Director, Simon Wadsworth, on cleansing, controlling and curating your online presence.

Simon stated that around 90% of the work that Igniyte does is in reaction to a situation or an issue, most companies and individuals aren’t already monitoring their online presence.

When it comes to proactive online reputation management, Simon explained that Igniyte trains staff on how to professionally and appropriately react to negative reviews and forum posts.

Around 40% of Igniyte’s clients are individuals trying to deal with online reputation problems, Simon explained, “Individuals could also be senior businesspeople, who have problems with ex-employees or perhaps less savoury issues from their private life. The rest of the client base is small, medium-sized and large companies with varying degrees of issues around their presence online.”

Simon’s tips for managing your online presence include taking control of your rankings by having Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts: It is key to use your real name on the accounts too; it sounds obvious but people often use nicknames that business partners and potential employers don’t know.”

Take a look at the interview in full on Pay’s website here and get in touch with Igniyte if you’d like further information and advice on what steps you can take to manage your reputation online.

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