Following international cricketer Ollie Robinson’s suspension from The England Cricket Team, Simon Wadsworth, Managing Director of Igniyte, has written for The Telegraph.

Published today, Simon spoke exclusively to The Telegraph about the case.

He talks about how ill-thought-out tweets from yesteryear can be brought to the surface with severely damaging effects to our reputation and careers.

“It can be career-ending at worst, shaming at best. It can happen if you are in the public eye, like England cricketer Ollie Robinson, 27, who was suspended from all international cricket this week pending the findings of a disciplinary investigation into offensive posts he sent in 2012 and 2013 as a teenager.

We see people in moments of crisis when, as with the England cricketers this week (the England Cricket Board said it was looking into allegations about a second cricketer hours later) an embarrassing or inappropriate tweet from their past threatens to ruin their whole career.

Igniyte, works with clients to remove negative, defamatory or unwanted content online. We will challenge material you feel should not be on the internet (like pictures or videos posted without your consent), remove old tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts that you are embarrassed by or feel could damage your reputation, and ask Google to remove irrelevant or outdated information about you from search engine results. Most of our clients are directors of companies, politicians, media personalities, people who remember the days before you had to pay attention to your digital footprint – but a growing number are from the generation that came of age online.”

You can read the full article Why every job applicant needs a social media scrubber (like me) In The Telegraph here.

If you are concerned about any of the issues mentioned above or your own digital footprint, please get in touch with us today.

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