Sky News invited Igniyte onto the Ian King business show to discuss the growing Volkswagen emissions-cheating scandal. 

With the ramifications of Volkswagen’s cheated diesel emissions test, the Volkswagen scandal made all the leading headlines. When news broke that 1.2 million cars in the UK could be affected, Sky News contacted Igniyte to get their expert thoughts on the true impact to Volkswagen’s brand reputation.

Sky News Business Presenter, Ian King, asked Igniyte for their thoughts on if and how Volkswagen could restore trust in their brand, with Igniyte explaining that due to likely criminal proceedings over the coming months, this isn’t going to be a story which dies down quickly.

Igniyte explained that Volkswagen needs to be completely honest, open and transparent with customers and shareholders from now on to avoid another scandal surfacing and risking their reputation further. Igniyte are experts in crisis recovery as they address it in guides such as the ‘Protecting company and executive reputation’ guide.

Watch the full interview here and read Caroline’s thoughts in PR Week about what actions Volkswagen should be taking now to limit damage.

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