has reported on Igniyte’s Christmas survey which reveals the unfortunate pit-falls of the holiday season for British workers.

The highlights of the study show that, with the help of alcohol, one in three employees flirted with their colleagues. Furthering this, another quarter have made a move and kissed a co-worker.

With most people now in full Holiday swing the research is more pressing than ever, especially as one in four Brits admitted regretting something they’ve said (or done!) at previous festive do’s.

What This Means

Commenting on the findings, Igniyte’s managing partner Simon Wadsworth said:

“The survey comes at a key time for both individuals and employees ahead of this year’s party season, giving people a moment to think twice about their reputation in the office and out… After all, one in four admitted to us they have regretted their previous party antics!”

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