Market research is valuable to businesses. As well as helping you to understand your customers better and boost your marketing strategy, it can also tell you what is influencing customer buying decisions.

Igniyte was formed to help businesses improve their online reputations. Every day, we receive enquiries from businesses, brands and individuals seeking help dealing with negative content online.

Market research about negative content online

We wanted to understand the scale of the problem. How it was impacting the finances and reputations of UK businesses in 2018 and how we could help. We have used research before to great effect. The results of a 2014 survey informed new services, triggered national media conversations and helped our clients.

In 2018, we conducted new market research to see how things have evolved. We commissioned OnePoll to survey 500 business owners, decisionmakers, strategists and marketers on our behalf. These results are helping to further shape the services we offer and provide valuable insights to our clients.

You can read the full survey results here to find out how negative online content is damaging UK businesses, where it is coming from, future concerns and what businesses are doing about it.

Market research tips

Simon Wadsworth, Managing Partner at Igniyte, talks to about how we conducted the research to discover how negative online content can damage businesses and gives 5 tips for conducting your own effective market research.


The value of market research in business – and 5 tips
Article Name
The value of market research in business – and 5 tips
Online reputation company Igniyte talks to about its customer-focused market research and gives 5 top tips.
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