Since Igniyte was founded in 2011 it has grew and grew in interest, with more people inquiring about the services we offer every day.

Whilst the internet is uncensored there will always be a demand for online reputation management and Igniyte’s founder and director Simon Wadsworth explains why this demand is growing.

Simon talks to The Yorkshire Insider about how potentially damaging to a company or brand the internet can be. Although it is incredibly productive for establishing your brand and raising recognition of it all it takes is one bad review to tarnish the reputation of it. Unfortunately for some businesses they can become the victim of negative fake reviews, sometimes from ex-employees who have held a grudge, or competitors wanting to steal their business. A lot of people are under the impression that it is only small businesses who would post fake reviews in order to steal custom, however, recently Samsung were fined over $300,000 after it was found that they had hired someone, specifically to post fake reviews criticising HTC products. There are many ways to challenge defamatory content online, as well as reduce the risk of losing custom. Simon explains why, for this reason, online reputation management is so important:

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