How We Measure Success

Our aim is to build and maintain a lasting and positive reputation for you, your business or both.

Igniyte uses technology, online reputation techniques, tools, SEO and industry best practices to push down negative, inaccurate information and promote accurate and positive information and conversations. And we continuously monitor and measure the success of your reputation.

It starts by auditing your current reputation, providing a benchmark from which to measure progress. We then track success weekly, adapting our approach and solutions as needed, with monthly updates for you.

Here’s how Igniyte measures online reputation management success:

  • Igniyte will audit your reputation, to benchmark and create a strategy for success

    Audit – benchmark and strategy

  • Business Reputation Index - Igniyte

    Igniyte Online Reputation Index – score and competitor comparisons

  • Igniyte will track key performance indicators agreed with you based on your desired outcomes

    KPIs – agreed with you based on your desired outcomes

  • An Audit helps with Online Business Reputation Management - Igniyte

    Google rankings – page 1 and page 2 month on month vs project start. Includes number of positive owned, negative or neutral assets, ranking changes (positive and negative), monitoring of owned content to influence additional long tail keywords and phrases/gain featured snippets

  • Igniyte can identify opportunities for positive content, PR and social media.

    Analytics and insights – for your websites, blogs, profiles and social media accounts. Includes monthly changes in domain and page authority and number of backlinks, monthly traffic, most popular pages, top referrals

  • Igniyte will work with you to create a integrated plan of content.

    Coverage and reach of PR activity

  • Igniyte's review strategy and measurement

    Review measurement – number of positive reviews gained, star rating, complaint resolution – month-on-month (across each identified platform)

  • Igniyte uses sophisticated monitoring tool to capture multiple metrics

    Monitoring and analysing conversations – we use a sophisticated monitoring tool to capture multiple metrics including influencer mentions, followers and sentiment, analysing conversations, making them easier to understand and helping you to build a proactive online strategy

  • Igniyte uses specialist tools to monitor, measure and instantly notify you when something is needed.

    Specialist tools – to monitor, measure and instantly notify you of: most shared online conversations for clients in a chosen country and within a certain time frame (last year, six months, month or week), most shared content in industry sector, most shared backlinks for client domains, analyse content for average number of shares, most popular shares, etc, to optimise all future content, the biggest influencers, monitoring for keywords and instantly notifying of negative content appearing online

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