Online Reputation Crisis Management

Our client was losing millions of online transactions after an online activist and troll set up a blog and Facebook page using the company’s name to publish information across various social channels.
  • Online reputation crisis management required
  • Client was losing millions of online transactions – due to defamatory content and trolling
  • Facebook (Dublin) take down request – page successfully removed
  • Blog listing devalued
  • Owned content optimised – and new content created and promoted
  • Clean search results – and more owned online profiles gained
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The blog and Facebook page were ranking for the company’s name and it was having a devastating impact on online transactions – threatening its future.

We were hired for 6 months to tackle the problem. We consulted with our client, providing legal advice on the relevant legislation – and take down procedures to remove defamatory social media accounts – and we initiated it. At the same time, we promoted the company’s existing websites and online profiles, creating new profiles where required.

Soon after contacting Facebook the page was removed. Content was optimised and a spam report sent for the blog to devalue its listing. We also created and promoted new content to replace the negative links.

This online reputation crisis management work stopped the malicious activity and helped our client to rebuild its online reputation, improving its online profile.

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