Removing Content From Google

Negative, defamatory or unwanted online content, images and videos rank high in search results and damage your online reputation.

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Removing Content Online - Igniyte Explainer Video

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Remove negative content from Google search results

For individuals, negative or unwanted content can badly affect your personal and professional reputation. It harms job prospects and business and personal relationships. And challenging and removing this content can be a complex area.

The cost to remove articles or images under the Right to Be Forgotten can vary depending on the amount and types of content. 

The last thing anyone wants is to be associated with anything negative, which is where we come in.

Build Personal Reputation
Igniyte has extensive expertise in challenging and removing defamatory and negative online content. We partner with legal firms, advising you on the legal options available to you and also advising on what can be removed and how. We work with you through the whole journey of rebuilding and protecting your online reputation.

Removing content from Google

Removing content from Google, including images and videos means that people won’t be able to find it, and it won’t show in your search results.

But it isn’t easy to remove content from Google yourself. Igniyte’s reputation managers are experienced and skilled in:

  • Right to be Forgotten and Google Removal applications concerning ‘irrelevant’, ‘no longer relevant’ or ‘outdated’ information from search engine results.
  • Challenging defamatory or unsubstantiated content in Google.
  • Removing negative personal information or images.
  • Addressing copyright issues online.
  • Accessing the latest information on the complex area of law surrounding removing links.
  • Safeguarding you from potential threats to your online reputation.
Online Defamation
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Get in touch with Niki our online reputation expert today, in complete confidence.

The same goes for removing negative, unwanted or copyrighted images and videos online.

We’re completely transparent in advising you on the best approach to removing content from Google, and what’s likely to be the most effective, to put you back in control of your online reputation.

Talk to us about how we can help you with removing content from Google.

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