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Removing Defamatory Content Online

UK Company CEO

  • Removing defamatory content online – urgent request
  • Successfully removed 4 defamatory links from Google search results within 2 weeks
  • Silencing malicious trolls
Removing Defamatory Content Online

A UK CEO supplying services to the public sector was being hit hard by false and defamatory online comments. These were affecting both his professional reputation and company profits.

He didn’t know what to do about them and researched online reputation companies to see who could help him. Before he came to us he had approached several online reputation management companies for help. But all efforts in removing defamatory content online – 4 links from a website and 3 online forums – had failed.

He knew the comments were being posted maliciously with intent to cause harm. But he didn’t know how to tackle them and was worried he might make the situation worse. We hear this from many clients and understand that it’s challenging. But when he approached Igniyte, we knew exactly what to do.

Our experts examined the defamatory content in detail. We then created strong Google defamation removal submissions on behalf of our client. They were submitted and, within 2 weeks, all of the false content was removed. This also completely cleared his search results of any negative content online.

Our client is absolutely delighted with the results. He says:

“Brilliant! Thank you so much. These comments were having a seriously detrimental effect on my business. I was desperate to get this total rubbish off the Internet and you’ve done it – thank you. I wish I’d have gone to Igniyte first – absolute professionals who get the job done.”


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