Removing Negative Content Online - Multi-Region Google Search Results

High Net Worth Individual

Igniyte has cleared negative high-ranking national and global media coverage in 3 Google search regions – Asia, the US and UK – for this high net worth individual.

Negative and widespread media attention was dominating this client’s search results. This was making it impossible for him to move on professionally, following a personal reputation crisis.

He needed our help to distance himself from a historic incident and build a positive online reputation to succeed in his new career.

Our expert team created an online reputation strategy for him. This included an integrated and high-volume content, PR and social media plan of activity. The overall aim was to build a suite of new communications around his new professional interests. We created new profiles, sites and content and PR in 3 languages, with content secured on authoritative 3rd party sites. We also focused on all of the related searches to ‘drown out’ the old noise and create a lasting positive online reputation.

Removing negative content online was successful. All of the negative past associations are now clear from the client’s search results, in all territories. In their place are positive ranking PR, content, sites and profiles, all of which is helping him to build his network and his new business is now flourishing.  This suite of ‘assets’ and activity is also serving to protect his search results from past associations.

This project was multi-lingual – with ranked content in English and Chinese.

removing negative content online, Igniyte
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Goals achieved

  • Removed negative content online
  • Google Page 1 and 2 search results cleaned up in 3 regions – Asia, US and UK
  • Old and negative associated online content ‘drowned out’ by new and more relevant multi-lingual content ranked in English and Chinese
  • Enabling our client to build a new network and grow his business
  • Long-term strategic approach is protecting our client’s future online reputation
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