How do you keep today’s tech-savvy young people safe, while allowing and encouraging them to enjoy the benefits of engaging across social media? The online safety of young people matters. What steps can you take to help your teenagers create the online CV and presence employers and admissions tutors are increasingly looking for?

Igniyte’s ‘Young People’s Lives Online’ infographic provides a host of interesting facts and figures about how young people today use the Internet, how they communicate online, and which digital platforms they prefer. The information is based on Igniyte’s Guide to Managing Your Teenager’s Personal Information Online – an easy-to-read e-book for parents and youngsters.

Online safety – did you know?

  • 59% of children aged 10 have used a social network. (The Social Age –
  • 20% of children aged between 8 and 12 years, who use the Internet at home, say they have a profile on social networking sites such as Facebook. (Ofcom Children and Parents – Media Use and Attitudes Report)
  • Teenagers spend about six hours a day online, while parents think their kids spend only four hours. (Digital Deception – McAfee Software Security Survey)
  • 64% of teen Internet users have access to a smartphone and 67% to a tablet. (Family Online Safety Institute)
  • According to a recent survey, Twitter is now the most popular social network among American teens. (Statista Inc – Source Piper Jaffray Companies)
  • 29% of college admissions officers from the top national, regional and liberal arts colleges and universities in the US have Googled candidates. (Kaplan Prep Test)
  • One in five employers use social networking sites to research job candidates. (Career Builder)
  • 75% of young people claimed that they could not live without the Internet. (YouthNet UK)

Young People’s Lives Online infographic

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