Professional reputation: Cleaning up Google Page 1


Our client – a chief executive in the transport industry – was facing poor results in a Google Page 1 search for his name when he came to Igniyte.

It included 6 negative links, including national press. The press stories about him, and his company, were dominating Google searches for his name and damaging his professional and personal life.


We aimed to provide our client with the tools needed to build and maintain a positive presence online for the long term, and wherever required support him to do this.

We worked with him to improve his rankings in the search results, creating a new blog, website, promoting his Twitter profile and other social media accounts.


Within 12 months, our client’s Google Page 1 profile improved significantly, with most links either owned by him directly or featuring positive news stories, including a Reuters’ news item and various directory listings.

This positive change has also reflected on our client personally, with peace of mind that potentially harmful information isn’t impacting prospective clients and personal contacts.

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