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Reputation Review: Engaging global stakeholders


A global nuclear fuel company asked Igniyte to conduct a full reputation review of its operations with 14 stakeholder groups.

It was the first review of its kind for the business, aiming to help it to understand its reputation, gain stakeholders’ thoughts and opinions about the brand and company’s communication and CSR activities. The organisation wanted to achieve detailed insight, findings and recommendations, with benchmarks, to inform its future global and local strategies.


Igniyte conducted initial research into the business, its audiences and communications and engagement with stakeholders. The Igniyte Online Reputation Index assessed the online reputation of the whole business, by region and for each member of the executive team. We then worked closely with the client to create and deliver the full review, which included 36 bespoke online surveys.

The bespoke nature of the surveys reflected the wide-ranging stakeholder groups – from investors, politicians and environmental agencies to suppliers, customers, schools and local communities. Each survey was conducted in the stakeholder’s native language – English, Dutch or German. The review asked quantitative and qualitative questions about the business, brand, its operations, communications and CSR activities.

We then collected and analysed all survey data, before creating a final report with detailed insight and recommendations. We presented the report and findings to the Communications Team and included a Board-ready presentation.


The online survey achieved a 40% response rate, well above the target of 10-15%. The survey results were largely positive. The business has a positive reputation across stakeholder groups and regions, with areas for improvement identified through the review by group and region. Crucially the review provided the business with global and country reputation scores, stakeholder Net Promoter Score (NPS), brand perception benchmarks, communication quality rating and qualitative and quantitative results.

Recommended actions and next steps are being taken forward by the global and local Communications Teams in the UK, US, Netherlands and Germany to inform stakeholder communication and engagement strategies. We are working with them to help maintain and build the company’s on and offline reputation.

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