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Restoring Investor Trust

International Property Investment Business

  • Pages 1 and 2 cleaned up – 3 negative links suppressed
  • Positive and owned Page 1 and 2 search results
  • Restoring investor trust 
  • High-ranking PR coverage gained – and maintained
Restoring Investor Trust

One negative national newspaper article about an international property investment company had potential investors running scared. 

Restoring investor trust was a priority. Although the newspaper article was ranking on Page 2 in the search results (which attracts around 5% of search engine traffic as opposed to the 95% of searchers who see content on Page 1), it was doing a lot of damage. Property investors were turning away from the company and going elsewhere. The more attention the coverage got, the higher the risk it would rise further in the rankings and even more people would see it. Adding to the problem,  2 forums emerged about the article ranking high on Page 1 – the crisis deepened.

Igniyte got to work quickly to repair the damage and minimise any further impact. We created several regional PR campaigns, achieving high-ranking coverage for the business, published highly visible online profiles and shared the company’s expert advice and opinions in guides and updates. We also advised on creating new sites and regularly updated the client’s dedicated development progress website – keeping investors fully informed and up-to-date about development progress.

The search results were cleaned up and damage repaired within 12 months – but more than that we’d enhanced the online presence of the business, which continues to hire Igniyte to create its PR campaigns.

Successful Google removals and positive PR – case study.

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