Tackling Online Trolls

Private Equity Investment Group

A global private equity investment group was targeted by an online troll – posting untrue (but non-defamatory) claims on a high-ranking site.

The false claims were strong enough to damage the company’s online reputation, but didn’t warrant a legal challenge. We also knew that challenging this troll would encourage more negative online activity and make matters worse for our client.

Tackling online trolls is part of online reputation management activity. We worked with the client and published a pre-prepared and risk vetted statement, specifically addressing each false claim with facts and evidence to the contrary. Behind the scenes we conducted an online reputation audit tailored to regional searches to give our client a clear picture of their online presence, targeting the search terms where the negative website was ranking and understanding the overall sentiment around their business and brand names. In addition, Igniyte performed SEO audits on the client’s key websites, ensuring best practice SEO techniques were in place to increase ranking potential. A two-pronged approach is often essential – working to address the negative content directly while at the same time working to influence the search results to reduce the visibility and credibility of negative online content.

We also initiated a PR and content campaign to suppress the piece with positive and newsworthy content.

And it quickly suppressed the problem troll – filling the search results with factual, accurate and positive news about the client’s business and directors.

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Goals Achieved

  • Tacked online trolls
  • Successfully quashed false claims made by a troll on a high-ranking site
  • Suppressed the negative activity
  • Gained high-ranking links to news and relevant profiles across Pages 1 and 2

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