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Taking The Hassle Out Of Online Reviews

  • Average online reviews rating up 6.35%
  • Total reviews up 127%
  • Response rate up 121%
  • Trustpilot score up from 5.4* (poor) to 7* (great)
  • Focus on negative reviews – resolutions and providing more information for customers


Taking The Hassle Out Of Online Reviews

A UK-wide manufacturing business with multiple corporate customers was having difficulty with managing online reviews – responding to and resolving negative reviews in search results. The reviews were largely about matters out of their control (3rd parties who happen to be their customers). The company was caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak, wanting to retain its clients but improve public perceptions.

Like many businesses, this company didn’t have the resource internally to look after their customer’s customers online and manage communications and reviews across Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot. So they asked us to help.

We developed a two-pronged strategy to address the problems. First, we undertook an online review management strategy, analysing the current state of play, review sites, volumes, sentiment and star ratings to get a benchmark. Then, working closely with the Communications Team, we advised on best practice for responses and developed a strategy to obtain more positive reviews. By using our bespoke review platform, we continue to manage the company’s online reviews daily and we work closely with key stakeholders across the business.

The reputation management strategy highlighted gaps in the customer care process and we identified an opportunity to intercept unhappy customers before they went online to vent their frustrations. The creation of an online portal for the public is optimised for key search terms, and our client is able to present customer service information such as FAQs to reduce the volume of negative reviews and complaints. We are also working with the Customer Care Team to help identify the communications tools they need to help eliminate complaints before they arise.

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